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Do I need an attorney for a lifer parole hearing? Yes, if at all possible. Having an attorney increases the chances of an inmate getting a date and increases the chances of winning in court, if he or she does not get a date or if the Governor pulls the date. Lifers with excellent prison records are beginning to parole. The Board is actually granting some dates and the courts are more willing to intervene than ever before when the Board is being unreasonable. Recent case law makes clear that the only reason for keeping anyone in prison beyond their base term is if there is some evidence they still pose a danger to society. However, when even the most deserving inmate is granted parole, the Attorney General’s Office and the Governor try to prevent it from happening. You or your loved one needs a lawyer on your side who knows the case. The attorneys who are appointed to do Board hearings are not able to prepare a client’s case the way a private attorney can prepare. Our firm thoroughly reviews the case, including prior statements of the client, his or her prior hearings and decisions, before discussing with the client the appropriate strategy for his or her upcoming hearing. We prepare a brief in support of parole, summarizing all our client’s accomplishments, and explaining to the Board why our particular client should be paroled. We attach copies of all support letters, certificates and, laudatory “chronos” to our brief. It is important to make sure that everything is made part of the record so as to ensure the best possible chance of our client getting a date, or winning in court if he or she does not get a date. Remember, there are no more 1 year denials. If parole is denied you have to wait at least 3 years or more for another hearing. So it’s important to do it right and not waste precious years waiting for another chance.




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