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In the course of the firm's work we represent clients in the State and Federal Courts, on appeals and writs of habeas corpus.  Above the drawing done by one of our clients on death row, we list a sample of some of the positive results we have obtained. Click on the underlined portion of the case description to see the actual court opinions. We file high quality legal documents and often appear in oral arguments before the courts. We are a respected firm, well known to the courts and to opposing counsel.

People v. Ulises Ortega
Court of Appeal reverses gang enhancement finding evidence insufficient 

People v. Jordan, et al.

Court of Appeal reverses appellant Lee’s kidnapping for robbery conviction due to prosecutor misstating evidence.

People v. Iraheta
Court of Appeal reverses conviction, finds gang expert’s testimony violates right to confrontation.

In re Ronald E. Jenson on Habeas Corpus
Parole Victory! Court of Appeal grants habeas petition and orders immediate release

People v Martinez
Supreme Court Reverses First Degree Murder Conviction

In re John Lambert
Court of Appeal strikes felony murder special circumstance 

In re Etheridge
Court of Appeal Grants Writ of Habeas Corpus on grounds that jury was improperly instructed on robbery and the evidence is insufficient to support his robbery conviction.

People v Michael Jackson
Court of Appeal reverses conviction due to racial discrimination in jury selection.

People v Roberts
Court of Appeal reverses street gang conviction

People v. Olmos
Court of Appeal reverses carjacking conviction

People v. Villaneuva 
Court of Appeal reverses attempted murder conviction

Elloqui v. The Superior Court of Los Angeles County
Court of Appeals Grants Writ of Mandate for Post-conviction Brady Discovery

Jeffrey Milo Burks, Petitioner v. The Superior Court of Sacramento County, Respondent, The People, Real Party in Interest 
"Writ of Mandate ordering Superior Court to allow a convicted state prisoner to obtain relevant disciplinary records of Correctional Officers in support of his writ of habeas corpus.

In re Valdez in Habeas Corpus 
Evidentiary Hearing Ordered by California Supreme Court 
in Death Penalty Case for Freddy Valdez the artist responsible for the above drawing he did while on death row in San Quentin State Prison.


People v. Oscar Jimenez 
Court finds insufficient that methamphetamine sale was gang related resulting in client's term being cut in half and him being released without strike priors

People v. Botello and Botello 
Court of Appeal reverses two 25 to life firearm enhancements.


In re Owens in Habeas 
Court ordered our client released on parole despite governor’s veto!

People v Hunt  
Theft of Vehicle charge reversed because the trial court improperly excluded all evidence that our client believed she had permission to drive the car!

People v Buono 
Court reversed a great bodily injury finding resulting in the immediate release of the client! 

People v Guevara
In this case we successfully obtained an order from the Court of Appeal sending Mr. Guevara’s case back to the Superior Court in order to obtain discovery on a “Pitchess motion” to get evidence about prior complaints against police officers relevant to the defense .







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